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WEST-ECO is experienced in all facets of Recreational, Residential, Commercial and Institutional Buiding Projects utilizing Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Panelized Building Systems.


WEST-ECO offers In-house Custom Design Services and can design your Cottage, Custom Dream Home or Light Commercial Project.

WEST-ECO also works with many highly qualified Specialized Designers and Architects throughout the Industry that are well educated in the Benefits of SIPs, and Panelized Building Systems.

WEST-ECO also converts and creates In-house SIP Shop Drawings from previously designed Architectural and Structural drawings.

Many projects that we supply are created by a Designer or Architect that has worked directly with you, Our Client, to create either the perfect Home or Cottage or the highly Energy Efficient Commercial or Institutional Building.


WEST-ECO supplies SIPs for many projects large and small from the Renovator to the Commercial Contractor and works with you through the entire process from the start of a SIP or Panelized Building System Project, to the end.

Once the design phase has been completed, WEST-ECO manufactures the entire Exterior Portion or Envelope, often referred to as the "shell", using SIPs as per the completed SIP construction drawings. WEST-ECO will also provide Conventionally Framed Interior Walls and Floor Systems for your project and ship them directly to your site along with the SIPs, to be installed at the same time, by the same crew. 

The SIP panels for your project are created using a full size 8' x 24' SI Panel. Each Panelized Building Component is then carefully cut using state of the art equipment and techniques to cut out each individual panel and all window and door openings.

Once your project has been completed and is ready for delivery, WEST-ECO will then arrange the transportation to your site.


There are many options when it comes to the assembly of your project.

WEST-ECO offers assembly to every customer, from Homeowners to large General Contractors that are looking for a sub trade to simply arrive and install the the Pre-Fabricated Panels onsite. This crew is highly experienced and will work along with other sub trades onsite.

WEST-ECO's crews specialize in the installation of SIPs from SIP floor systems to SIP wall and roof systems. Our crews also specialize in the assembly of all other Pre-Fabricated, Panelized Building Components.

Crews are available that specialize in SIP construction for Residential, Commercial, Custom Log and Timber frame.

WEST-ECO also offers assistance and training to their customers that would like to learn to assemble their Structural Insulated Panel projects on their own.

Many of WEST-ECO’s customers already have assembly experience or their own crews that are experienced in the assembly and construction techniques of SIPs or Panelized Building Systems.

WEST-ECO is happy to work directly with you to determine which option is best for you and your project.


WEST-ECO specializes in Energy Efficient Building Systems and Panelized Building Components. Whether you are a Homeowner, Developer or General Contractor, WEST-ECO can provide the specialized services and materials required to take your project from foundation to lock up providing only qualified tradesmen and quality materials. Once your project is to the lock up stage, your Project Manger, General Contractor or yourself can hire in the necessary trades to complete the project. WEST-ECO will be there to complete the specialized work required for the SIPs and Panelized Building Components.


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