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I have had the opportunity to develop a working relationship with West-Eco over the past few years.

I have found Duane and his team to be very knowledgeable about the SIPS building system and their impact to the overall building during both the design and the construction phases. Duane is very easy to work with. He brings a positive outlook, passion and a high level of energy to each project he is involved in.

As a designer I have found the SIPS Building System to be advantageous to work with for a number of reasons. The following are just a few:

They have the potential to produce a highly energy efficient building.
Because they are a pre-manufactured panel system, construction time can be reduced thus providing a potential cost savings. This is especially beneficial for remote locations.

They simplify the design process in regards to the overall Building Envelope.
I have enjoyed working with West-Eco and the SIPS building System and would definitely recommend them to any of my clients looking for an innovative and easy product to work with.

 - Josh Fleishauer
JF Designs



Having worked with you for many years on several projects, I have found your professionalism and candor refreshing and pleasant. From the smallest of purchases of materials through to complete roof systems for several log and timber homes, I have found delivery and quality both exceeding my expectations as well as our clients. I will look forward to working with you in the future and wish you nothing but success.


- Walter Bramsleven
Past President (2006-2010)
BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association


For most of our projects we get involved with, SIPs are great fit for the roof structure on timber frames. I love that our frame gets covered quickly so that it does not get exposed to weather. It is not easy to compare SIP to conventional roof frame apples to apples but with my experiences, SIPs win and show enough value to invest money in.

Duane understands what timber framers are dealing with and he can help in big ways when we bring him to the table in the early stages, I see he and and his company goes steps beyond to make the project work smoother and we will work more with him.


 - Dai Ona / Daizen Joinery Ltd.
Japanese Precision Meets BC Timber Frame

I purchased a hybrid timber frame cabin c/w SIP walls and roof from Duane and found him to be very knowledgeable, responsive and forthright with my order. He handled it with integrity and provided reliable deliveries to site. Quality and fit was excellent. Duane was also very pleasant to deal with and I enjoyed meeting him to coordinate the design, production, shipment and erection of the material package he provided. If you are interested in SIP homes, I recommend you to talk to Duane.

 - Dennis Sundgaard, P.Eng.
President - Sundgaard & Associates Inc.

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