Community Commitment

Community Commitment is very important to WEST-ECO. WEST-ECO supports many Foundations and Associations throughout the Communities that we work and live in.

Through education programs, WEST-ECO has provided many hours of instruction and onsite experience to individuals entering the Construction Industry.

We believe that by providing learning opportunities to students of the Trades and Technical Programs, that those students will take with them into our communities, the knowledge and understanding of advanced building systems and will apply their skills locally.

WEST-ECO has had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects, educating many students from various Colleges and University Programs throughout BC, ranging from first year Carpentry Apprentices to Architectural & Building Science students to Electrical & Plumbing Apprentices and Journeymen Carpenters.

WEST-ECO also supports local sports associations and volunteers at many functions throughout the community.

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