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WEST-ECO Panelized Building Systems is a full service company that provides Energy Efficient and Green Building Solutions utilizing Structural Insulated Panels commonly known as SIPs. WEST-ECO offers a variety of Services and Construction Solutions ranging from Design and Drafting Services – Onsite Assembly Training – SIP Panel Assembly – Lock Up Construction for Residential and Commercial Construction Projects.

When considering or requiring Energy Efficient framing options, our SIPs allow you to save Time, Energy and Money, all while offering one of the Highest Performing Envelopes available today.

WEST-ECO provides Pre-Fabricated Panelized SIP Assemblies for the exterior components of  buildings such as the Walls, Roofs & Floors of all sorts of projects ranging from Recreational to Commercial to Institutional.

Any Design or Structure Can Be Built Using SIPS

WEST-ECO combines many years of in-house Pre-Panelized Building Component Consulting, Design, Project Management and Assembly Experience with North Americas’ largest and most recognizable SIP Manufacturer, Premier Building Systems.
Premier Building Systems is a division of one of the largest Construction Material Companies in North America, Carlisle Construction Materials.
WEST-ECO creates all of their SIP envelopes using Structural Insulated Panels from Premier Building Systems which insures that each panel has been manufactured following the strictest and most comprehensive code testing requirements in the Industry and that all projects are not only backed by WEST-ECO but, also by a very stable publicly traded company.

West-Eco is a Solely Owned Canadian Company.

Sole Owner, Duane Svendson, brings many years of hands on experience working within the Building Industry.

Duane has knowledge of all facets of the Design, Construction and the Manufacturing process of the Panelized Building System industry and has worked with Developers, Architects and General Contractors throughout Canada, the U.S. and around the world to successfully complete many projects ranging from Cottages to large Commercial Projects.

With a true love for wood, the forest and construction, Duane was originally led into the Construction Industry through the world of Log Home Building where he first learned about the true concept of pre-building and pre-built structures. Log homes are a prime example of a pre-built system.

The concept of a product (SIPS) and service that would lend itself to his log home construction quickly became very interesting to Duane. He soon began to use Structural Insulated Panels along with his Log Structures for the Gables, Dormers and Roof Systems and for infill panels for his Log Post & Beam Structures.

As time went on, SIPs became mainstream and so did Panelized Building Systems.

Duane oversees every aspect of West-Eco Panelized Building Systems and can be contacted directly at any time if you have even the simplest of questions.

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