Timberframe & SIPS

There are various methods for enclosing a Timber Frame, but none are as Cost Effective and Energy Efficient as using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

When you pair the timeless beauty of Timber Framing with SIP Construction, you get a Green and Sustainable Building by using products that are Renewable, provide long-term Energy Efficiency and will maintain Structural Integrity far longer than a typical stick frame building.

By their nature, Timber Frames are Green, and when insulated with SIPs, you create High R-values and reduce Air Infiltration and Heat Loss which is extremely important to Sustainability. The continuous line of insulation provided by SIPs creates a tight and very Energy Efficient Building which provides Straighter and more Rigid walls for a continuous nailing or fastening surface.


The SI Panels are shimmed at the walls so drywall fits neatly behind the posts on the interior of the structure. Panels are easily cut to provide openings for doors and windows. Tongue-and-groove materials can be installed on the underside of the SIP roof panels prior to installation in some cases

WEST-ECO offers experienced and professional staff to help with your transition to building with Pre-Framed SIPs and Pre-Framed Panelized Building Systems for your Timber Frame Project.

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