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Log Homes and SIPs have many things in common; they are both Pre-Fabricated. They both have a high Energy Efficiency rating and both are assembled quickly, so it makes perfectly good sense to use them together and at the same time.

A log home shell typically consists of solid log walls and a post & beam log roof structure. The log roof structure provides the support for the insulated portion of the roof system to be built upon. When a log home arrives and the crew begins to assemble the logs it all happens very quickly. This is where the SIPs Advantage comes into play. The SIPs also can be put into place very quickly……it is very common for the pre-fabricated SIP roof system to be preassembled on the ground by an experienced crew while the logs are being assembled and then the large SIP roof panels are set on top of the log roof structure to complete the structural and insulated roof system. Not only do SIPs provide a quick and easy roof assembly….they also provide a very Strong and Energy Efficient Assembly that will last as long as the logs last…..a lifetime!

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 SIPs are commonly used for Wall, Gable and Dormer Assemblies when pairing them with Log Post & Beam Structures and are common for Gable Ends, Dormer and Main Roof Structures, when applying SIPs to a Full Log Home.

 SIPs can provide both the Structure and the Insulation for Dormer Walls and Roof Systems, which reduces the need for additional Log Ridge and Valley Beams within the Dormers, ultimately taking up valuable space in an already confined area. It is common to accent SIP Dormer and Gable Ends with Log Components.

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