SIPs are most commonly used as Components or part of a Building Envelope, however, SIPs are also used on their own and separate from any Building Envelope.

SIPs are used commonly in the Oil and Gas sector, the Mining Industry, and Water Treatment facilities, just to name a few.

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The large Structurally Insulated Panels often offer themselves as

  • Insulated Rig Mats
  • Hot/cold barriers
  • Insulated Road mats buried below the surface
  • Curtain walls
  • Insulated platforms
  • Structural and Insulated walkways and sidewalks
  • Insulated and Structural covers for large holding tanks
  • A wide variety of substrates can be either fastened or glued to a Structural Insulated Panel which allow for many different applications.

Building with SIPs speeds up construction time dramatically saving labor costs, reducing loan cost overhead, and waste disposal costs.

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