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Architects and Designers rave about the Design Versatility of SIPs. Once Design Professionals become familiar with SIPs, they turn to SIPs time and time again instead of using typical Dimensional Lumber Products.

Top reasons why Architects and Designers are turning to SIPS for Roof, Wall and Floor framing needs:

  • Incredible “Green” features. Home and Building Owners regularly save up to 60% on utility bills. The R-Values of SIP panels are unsurpassed when compared with traditional stick frame lumber construction.
  • Strength. SIPs are able to bear incredible loads. Ideal for heavy snow loads in cold climates such as Alaska, and for withstanding nature’s forces (storms, winds, hurricanes and more) SIPs truly are a Stronger, Structural Framing option.
  • The Ultimate Code Reports. We believe in the Advantages SIP technology offers the Construction Industry, and have spent years in Product Development and research to create the best Code Reports in the Industry.
  • Straighter Walls. With expanses ranging up to 24 feet in one panel, it's no wonder that buildings achieve Straighter Walls without bows and curves.
  • Better Design. Archways and curves are second nature in the design of SIPS. Our CNC routers cut our panels and openings into any shape you can dream up. Panels are delivered to the job site pre-cut as per your design, allowing Contractors to cut days off on-site construction when they would otherwise be creating arched openings, round windows and more on-site. A builders dream. Who wouldn’t love offering their customers a product that will save money on utility bills, reduce installation labor schedules and that will offer a stronger, healthier home? With SIPs, you can be confident that you are offering your customers and contractors a superior framing product.
  • Fire & Insect Resistance. The foam in WEST-ECO SIPS includes a treatment that makes the foam resistant to carpenter ants and termites. WEST-ECO SIPS exceeds all North American standards for Residential Construction. In addition, we have completed exhaustive testing for multifamily and commercial structures requiring one-hour fire resistant assemblies. WEST-ECO SIPS perform very well in these tests. When covered with an appropriate thermal barrier, such as gypsum board, SIPs meet National Fire Safety Standards.


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Reducing costs using structural insulated panels

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) offer a construction system that can reduce both the construction cost and the operating cost of affordable housing, while maintaining a high degree of occupant comfort.

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