Don't settle for the Imperfections of Lumber. With WEST-ECO SIPs, you are getting an Engineered Product that is Consistent and without the Warps, Twists, and Cupping of Common Dimensional Lumber.

Builder Benefits

  • Engineered and Prefabricated product is straight and predictable.
  • Reduced callbacks and warranty claims as warps, twists, and cupping of dimensional lumber dries are virtually eliminated.
  • Solid drywall backing and factory pre-cut doorways, window openings, walls, floors, and archways mean faster finish work.
  • Programmed delivery and faster framing installation with large pre-cut roof, wall, and floor panels.
  • Stronger than traditional lumber framing.
  • Up to 60% less job site construction waste.
  • Reduced HVAC costs.
  • Fewer trades to coordinate.
  • Can easily help contractors qualify for energy efficiency certifications.
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