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Stronger: SIPs are significantly stronger than dimensional stick frame construction. The product strength offers many benefits, including a roof system that eliminates the need for a truss system (imagine reducing your framing schedule by removing the labor and installation time for truss construction!).

Straighter: Large, strong panels arrive to your job-site pre-fabricated as per your floor plans, saving days and possibly weeks of installation time. These panels are engineered and predictable, unlike stick frame construction. These consistent panels enable you to build straight roofs, walls and floors.

Greener: Everyone wants to be environmentally responsible, but few lumber products can truly say they are good for the environment. Made from fast growing trees and 100% recyclable EPS foam SIPs from WEST-ECO create structures that regularly have up to 60% reduction in utility bills. And this is just a glimpse of all the ways our SIPs are greener than other framing options.

Why is Green Building Important….. and Why are SIPs Important?

Green Building uses less Energy, reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Pollutants in the Environment and plays an important role in reducing the burden on the World’s Natural Resources. Choosing to construct buildings that use Natural Resources more efficiently can help create a Sustainable Future.

Up to Two Thirds Less Jobsite Waste than Buildings Framed with Dimensional Lumber

Job-ready SIPs allow installers to install the Roof, Wall and Floor Panels without the need to cut, frame and trim excessive amounts of lumber and other materials. The job-ready feature of WEST-ECO Panels reduces the amount of jobsite material waste by 60% when compared to buildings constructed with regular dimensional lumber and framing materials. Less waste is obviously better for our environment.

Passive Design is becoming more popular now than ever before in North America.

Europe adopted this system of building Ultra Energy Efficient homes several years ago and now Passive Design is more the rule in Europe opposed to the exception.

WEST-ECO has had the privilege of working with the Architects, Energy Consultants, Contractors and Homeowners to create special connection details and designs in order to acheive maximum energy efficient results as well as to supply the pre-cut and ready to assemble SIPS for many Passive House projects this past year.

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