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R-value is a static measurement of the resistance to heat flow. WEST-ECO SIPs have consistently Outperformed other methods of Construction in both whole wall R-value comparison and Energy Efficiency. 

The most dramatic results are the reports of the Happy Customers of WEST-ECO Panelized Building Systems, but there is also a significant level of scientific data as well. One of the best measures of Energy Efficiency of an entire Wall Assembly has been developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). This testing method considers energy losses for the structural members, corners, joints and around windows, as well as, R-value of the insulation.

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Exceptional Indoor Air Quality And Temperature Control

When compared to buildings framed with dimensional lumber, large SIPs cover greater surfaces with far less gaps in the walls and roof to be filled and sealed, offering Home and Building Owners better Indoor Air Quality, reduced infiltration of outside pollutants, smaller HVAC system needs, and Superior Indoor Temperature Control. WEST-ECO Homes and Buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than buildings framed with dimensional lumber.

Stand Apart with Sips by WEST-ECO

Customers are changing. They are demanding Innovation, Customization and they want products that are Energy Efficient and good for the environment.

SIPs are the ultimate solution for Builders and Contractors who want to stand apart from the competition. SIPs significantly reduce installation time (by about 2/3 a typical framing schedule – structures are framed in days instead of weeks), jobsite waste (again about 2/3 less framing waste), and post-construction callbacks.

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